History and Story

In 2002 friends Joe Jelinski and Chris Engler traveled to the South Pacific with their High School.  While on the beaches of Australia a group of individuals approached them and said, "We know you, we train with you...we will see you guys around!".  A confusing experience for two Philadelphia natives currently on the other side of the world.  As the group walked away they were all wearing Special Needs Competition jackets.  

Fast Forward 7 years later in 2009 when Chris and Joe started their pilot program for, "Special Needs Training", as a way to help prepare athletes competing to perform better, understand injury prevention techniques, and learn about living a healthy and active life outside of competing.  The Physical results were astounding although expected, what excited them most were the cognitive and social improvements each individual had as reported by doctors, parents, and family members.  Word quickly spread of the unique approach Chris and Joe applied in their interaction with their participants and their numbers and name grew.

Today Eruption Athletics has served hundreds of clients through their "Grow with the Flow", "Magma Chamber", and "Lava Flow" training sessions.  They have reached hundreds more through their "Road Show", "Field Trip", and

"EA-nspiration" programs and have helped the parents of these individuals to practice what they preach in their

"EA-dult" training classes.  

The next chapter has begun with EA's development of their Patented, "Volcano P.A.D.D." home training system and "EA-scension" Licensing model which is being implemented by schools and organizations that have bought into the proven results of the program.

The "Grow with the Flow" non-profit side of the business is also building to provide internal scholarships for those individuals that wish to participate but may not be able to financially afford it.

One thing is for sure, the Eruption Army is growing.  Enlist Today to begin to GROW WITH THE FLOW"...


Company Profile

Nearly 70% of men and women with Intellectual or physical disabilities are deemed as being overweight or obese.

 Leading Factors: Difference in body composition, lack of physical activity, medications that increase appetite, parents that may be over-permissive or over-restrictive regarding food and exercise.

We have a simple mission: to give more people the education, knowledge, methods, equipment, and programming of what we have already proven as successful throughout our 10 years of research, implementation, and relationship building.

"Eruption Athletics gives people with special needs a better place within the world by,

                                                                           EA-mpowering them through EA-xercise !"

Canon McMillan School District licensing the EA program
With help and funding by Jeffreys Drug Store, Eruption Athletics is now offered throughout the school day at CM High School.  The EA program is run by the adaptive PE teacher who was trained and continues to be supported by Joe and Chris.

Massachusetts licensing, our first EA sites out of state
In Association with CLASS, a chapter of The Arc with funding by The New Balance Foundation, Ronald McDonald Charities, and DCU4kids, the EA program was able to be put into Andover and Lawrence High Schools as well as inside CLASS.  Merrimack College provided volunteers, trainers, and space for the trainer certification program.

EA prepares Special Needs Athletes for Competition

EA provides help to ALL Special Needs athletes whether they are interested in injury prevention, developing their body or cardio vascular capacity, or preparing for Competition.

Partnering with Achieva (The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh) to bring the HealthMeet Initiative to life
EA and Achieva join forces to further research the physical well being of those with I/DD and to help promote new programs and awareness of healthy lifestyles though a grant provided by the CDC.

​The Arc invites EA to their National Convention in New Orleans
EA had a great time in the big easy running their, "wake and shake" exercise sessions and promoting a National Initiative to the chapters.

What We’re Doing and Why?    ***See Enlist Tab for Locations, Days, and Times***


Eruption Athletics

Founded: 2009

Owners: Joe Jelinski & Chris Engler


Areas of expertise: 

Adaptive Exercise, Health, and Wellness, Adaptive Equipment, Programming, and Curriculum for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Recent Projects


As of 2018 the EA program has been licensed several times, in several states.

Let's keep on Growing with the Flow in 2019