Special Needs Personal Training in Pittsburgh

Where there are special people, there is a need. We reach out to communities, both locally and abroad, to develop health and wellness programs for individuals with ID/DD and other special needs.  We need your help...


EA provides several personal training services for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities​

EA-nvision a world  where our "mentally challenged are physically able and our physically challenged are mentally strong.”

Help us to make our vision come true...

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EA-xercise for All

  • "Grow with the Flow" Group Training
  • "Magma Chamber" 1 on 1 Training
  • "EA-dult" Parent Training
  • "Lava Flow" Group Cardio Sessions
  • "Volcano P.A.D.D." Home Training
  • "Roadshow" Off-Site Training
  • "Field Trip" School-private group training
  • "EA-nspiration" Public Speaking
“One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had with individuals with disabilities in my Duquense University Masters Program was not in a classroom setting.  Since last semester, I have been going once a week to exercise with the athletes at Eruption Athletics.  These athletes range in age, ability, and physical strength, yet they all have such a contagious joy for exercising and socializing with us each week. On a weekly basis, these athletes inspire me because of their determination and passion for exercise and fitness. Over the past year, I have witnessed each of these athletes grow personally as they improve both their social skills and physical strength and endurance.” 
--Lauren Schieb (Volunteer)


“Andrew has become more aware of healthy exercise routines.  He looks forward to going to Eruption Athletics for multiple reasons.  As a parent of a special needs teen I believe an experience of participating in, ‘routine workouts,’ is valuable for any individual, especially those with more limited social outlets.  This has been an experience that has benefitted both the athletes and the care givers.  The health benefits as well as the social aspects are a huge plus for my special needs child.” 
--Jan Hirsh (Parent)

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