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Eruption Athletics adaptive exercise program for special needs populations

EA-xercise for Everyone!

Adaptive Exercise, Equipment, and Curriculum
for the Special Needs and Typical Populations

Physical, Social, and Cognitive Development

Empowering Through Exercise
and Inclusion Since 2009


Virtual Services

Virtual Group Class Example


Coaching, volunteering, and living with this population over the years made childhood friends Chris Engler and Joe Jelinski set out on their journey to offer structured year round physical training services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other special needs.


Eruption Athletics was bred out of a desire to create a fun social environment

along with a safe and effective workout.  

In 2009 EA started their "Pilot Program" with a handful of kids in a rented gym space and now they have helped to change the lives of thousands through exercise in person and virtually.


EA sells their patented, "Volcano PADD", which is a physical activity development device that has specially located colors and numbers to provide visual cues, starting positions, and movement lines to make exercise accessible to everyone, especially in a virtual environment. 

Coupled with their, "EA-volutionary Development System", which is an adaptive progressive curriculum and their, "EA-xpert Trainer" certification, EA provides a full adaptive exercise program for any school or organization to implement in house to replace or supplement APE offerings.

Join the Eruption Army today by donating or by purchasing a Volcano PADD

to use at home along with our EA-xercise Video Library and EA Virtual Workouts

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EA Offerings


Volcano PADD

 Physical Activity Development 

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Virtual Exercise

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In Person Exercise

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The Volcano PADD



The Eruption Athletics Volcano PADD is an essential tool that makes exercise possible for EVERYONE!  Its specially designed color and number layout provides visual cues, starting positions, and movement lines for a safe and efficient workout.

The PADD itself provides a finite amount of space to encourage focus. 

The colors and numbers help to reenforce verbal instructions. 

The layout provides multiple exercise starting positions and proper lines of movement.  

For Virtual Exercise it is a must have. 

Easily follow along with EA Videos or Zoom classes at home

Buy yours today or contact for larger orders...

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